Our work and living habits are shaped by the ever upgrading mobile technology.

We have been studying new solutions to meet the needs in the use of new mobiles, PDA, game player and MP3.

We strive to create more ideal products for your convenient and easy use by integrating latest mobile technology with work and living.

We offer products with unique appearance, color combination, functions and packaging to mirror a brand of passion and energy through the magic of design. You can expect volatile and stylish products coming up the pipeline out of your expectation.

MOMAX is a Hong Kong brand of energetic, dynamic and stylish mobile phone accessories.
Our daily task is to draw closer to perfection
making good use of unlimited innovation and dynamics.
Now, MOMAX is the famous brand of state-of-the-art mobile technology products in Hong Kong Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. MOMAX is a recognized excellent distributor which distributes quality products to worldwide markets through extensive channels.

We spare no effort to win your preference for our excellent products , and share with you the joy of mobile technology in digital modern life.