Protable Battery for Mini USB Back


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ProductID:  BAIPOWER18M Specifications:  Input: 5V 0.5A
Output: 5V 0.5A(Max)
Capacity: 1200mAh
Cell Made By Sanyo Japan
Brand:  Momax Packaging:  Paper Box
Available:  Asus,BlackBerry,HTC,Motorola,Sharp,Sony Ericsson,Acer,Dopod,Eten,Gigabyte,HP,iDO,Mio,Mwg,O2,Garmin-Asus PackageSize:  L210*W88*D32mm
Color:  white,black Attachmentright:  * Protable Battery x 1
* USB Charging/ Data Cable x 1
* Manual and Warranty Card x 1
Model:  Asus Series:
P320/ P525/ P526/ P527/ P535/ P552W/ P565/ P750/ P835/ M530W/ nuvifone M20/ nuvifone G60

Acer Series:
DX650/ DX900/ M900/ F900/ X960/ NeoTouch(S200)/ beTouch(E100)/ Liquid(S100)

BlackBerry Series:
8100V/ 8110V/ 8120V/ Curve 8300/ Curve 8310/ Curve 8320/ 8800/ 8820/ 9000 Bold

Motorola Series:
A668/ A732/ A780/ A1200/ E2/ E6/ E398/ E680i/ E770/ E1070/ MPX200/ L6/ L7/ L72/ K1/ K3/ U6/ V3/ V3i/ V3X/ V3XX/ V6/ V360/ W375/ W510/ Z3/ Z6/ Z8/ ZN200

Sony Ericsson Series:
Xperia X1

Dopod Series:
838 Pro/ 900/ C800/ C858/ CHT9000/ D810/ P800W/ M700/ U1000

HP Series:
610/ 612/ 614/ 6818/ 6828

HTC Series:
G1 Google/ Magic/ P3300/ P3470/ P3600i/ S730i/ Touch/ Touch Dual/ Touch Diamond/ Touch Diamond 2/ Touch Cruise/ Touch Viva/ Touch HD/ Touch 3G/ Touch Pro/ Touch Pro 2/ TyTN II/ Touch Cruise 2009/ Snap/ Hero/ Touch2/ Tattoo/ Smart

O2 Series:
Atom/ Atom Pure/ Atom Life/ XdaII Mini/ Graphite/ Xda Atom Exec/ Xda Flame/ Xda Stealth/ Xda Zinc/ Xphone II

Softbank Series:
X01HT/ X02HT/ X03HT/ X04HT/ X05HT

ETEN Seies:
X500/ X600/ X650/ M700/ M800/ X800/ M810

Mio Seies:
A501/ A700/ A701/ A702

Mwg Series:
Atom V/ Zinc II

Toshiba Series:

Sharp Series:
SH6118C/ SH6220C/ SH6228C/ SH7118C
Original model:     

    Product and packaging specifications subject to change without notice
  * They can easily charge your mobile phone
* Comes with USB charging cable
* UV light delicate white or black shell
* For Mini USB series tailor-made mobile phone or other electronic products.
* Use high quality and efficient lithium core Sanyo
* Up to 1000 times rechargeable
* Also set up four LED battery indicator light, can accurately test the battery capacity, to make more efficient use of battery
* Special protective cover protects the plug is hard and the impact of other

Sony Ericsson