XC Series USB Car Charger- Dual USB Output Back


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ProductID:  SCC02DD Specifications:  Input: DC 12-24V
Output: 5V 1A X 2
Brand:  Momax Packaging:  Blister
Available:  Apple,Samsung,HTC,Sony Ericsson,BlackBerry,Motorola,Nokia,LG,Sharp,Asus,Acer,Dell,HP,O2,Palm,Nintendo,SONY PackageSize:  L155*W80*D43mm
Color:  white,black Attachmentright:  * User guide with warranty card
Model:  Over 2000 mobile phone models in
iOS/Android/ BlackBerry/Windows Phone/
Symbian platform, iPhone, iPod, PDA,
PMP, PlayStation Portable,
Bluetooth headset and other electronics, etc.
Original model:     

    Product and packaging specifications subject to change without notice
  The newly launched XC Series USB car charger brings you the sonic speed charging you have ever experienced, enjoying power Worry-Free digital life!

Aluminum Design, Stylish Outlook
XC Series USB car charger is designed specifically for mobile digital products with Slim, High-tech and aluminum ring concept. You could charge up iPhone series, iPod series, PDA, iPad series, GALAXY Tab series, tablets and other digital products anytime, anywhere in sonic speed with XC Series USB car charger.

XC Series USB car charger offers piano black and piano white versions. It is tiny, simple and portable.

Unbelievably Fast, Two Versions of Output
XC Series USB car charger provides both single USB output version and Dual USB outputs version for users to choose.

Single USB output version provides up to 2.1A output for iPad series, GALAXY Tab series and tablets; Dual USB outputs version is able to charge two mobile phones or digital products simultaneously.

Comprehensive Protection, Quality Assurance
XC Series USB car charger has built-in short circuit, overcurrent and over heat protection. When the temperature gets abnormal, the power will be automatically cut off, ensuring perfect safety of the products. In addition, the customized non-flammable material of the charger would guarantee highest standard of security for the users.

Not only it is tiny and small, XC series car charger’s 12-24V input makes it fits for most car models. The built-in electro magnet could suppress any interference of circuit, enabling your smart phone & digital products undisturbed throughout the charging process.

Widely Compatible, Apple Certified
XC Series USB car charger could support different charging cables like Micro USB, Mini USB and Apple cables for different digital products.

XC Series USB car charger for iPod, iPhone and iPad versions are officially "Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad" certified by Apple. They conform the strict standard by Apple, which ensuring the product is perfectly safe and durable on Apple products. In addition, the bundled USB cable could support data synchronization.

*Sync function might not apply to some models


Sony Ericsson