X-Level Battery for Sony Ericsson BST-33 Back


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ProductID:  BASEW900XL Specifications:  Batteries: High-capacity lithium batteries
Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 1000mAh
Brand:  Momax Packaging:  Blister
Available:  Sony Ericsson PackageSize:  W110*L180*H18mm
Color:  X-Level Attachmentright:  Manual and Warranty Card
Model:  Satio/ Aino/ Naite/ T715/ G705/ T700/ W595/ C702/ G502/ G700/ G900/ K330/ K530i/ K550i/ K630i/ K660i/
K800i/ K810i/ M600i/ V802se/ W302/ W300i/ W395/ W610i/ W660i/ W705/ W850i/ W880i/ W890i/
W900i/ W950i/ W960i/ Z250/ Z320/ Z530i/ Z610i/ Z750i/ Z800i
Original model:  BST-33    

    Product and packaging specifications subject to change without notice
  * Use the highest-capacity batteries, long standby time, high stability, performance, consistent with the original.
* Advanced Lithium-ion technology, high performance output.
* Battery charging times of up to 500 times or more, environmental protection, and durable.
* Use imported IC components, precision protection circuit board prevents battery overcharge and the positive and negative transient short-circuit, safe, secure.
* Equipped with short-circuit. Overcurrent device in line with international safety standards.
* Production in line with ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 specifications.

Sony Ericsson